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Data storage is a changing landscape. The arrival of GDPR has inevitably led the majority of businesses to reassess their storage needs to ensure that they’re fully compliant with the regulations and their customer data is safe, without overspending on their chosen solution.

When it comes to physical storage, there are two possible routes that can be pursued. Hardware storage, such as HDD and SSD servers, or tape-based storage.

Tape storage is often seen as archaic by the wider IT industry, it conjures up images of whirring reels and 1960s computing. However, the reality is that tape is alive and well and may well be the most cost-effective solution for your clients’ storage needs.

Hardware storage is more familiar to many. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s easily accessible whenever you need it. Whereas tape is cheaper, physically smaller and uses less energy, but at the cost of lower accessibility. Both tape and hardware can be used as air gap solutions, completely isolating a copy of critical data from the wider network.

Westcoast can provide these solutions quickly and effectively. We have close ties to HPE, who provide best-in-class hardware solutions, and can help you consider your hardware options. If tape is your solution of choice, we offer the largest stock holdings and some of the fastest fulfilment rates. With Westcoast, you can have a solution in hours, not weeks.

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